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Lake Plastira is an ideal location for riding. Both children and adults can enjoy horseback rides provided at organized farms located between the villages Morfovouni and Kalivia of Pezoula. Exploring the lake while galloping on horseback along its banks is a unique and unforgettable experience.


Lake Plastira is well-suited for canoeing and kayaking. The trails between the islands and fiords, the spectacular views of the majestic mountains and peaks, and above all the beauty and serenity of the lake, will enchant visitors.


Every year on the first weekend of August, the Association of Lampero organizes the crossing of the lake. It is one of the most renowned swimming races in Greece, and it attracts large numbers of athletes. The swimmers have to cross a distance of 5km from Pezoula Beach to Lampero Beach.


For those who enjoy cycling, Mountain Bike Centers operate at Kalivia of Pezoula and in Neochori (at the Botanical Garden), offering all the necessities to help visitors enjoy the numerous trails. The level of difficulty differs between the roads on the lakeside and those on the mountains. The total length of the route is approx. 35km.



At Lake Plastira, you may only fish with a rod, for environmental protection reasons. If you wish to try your luck and have a fun experience, the local Fishermen Association will show you around and inform you of all applicable regulations.

A fishing competition is organized every year in the first fortnight of August, under the auspices of the Municipality of Morfovouni. Dozens of anglers participate from all municipal districts and from the city of Karditsa.

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