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Dimitrios Tsiantis, who is an educator, was born in Mavrovouni in 1964. He has graduated from the Pedagogical Academy of Larissa and he has also studied in the Economics Department of Athens Faculty of law.

He is the mayor of the newly formed municipality of Plastira Lake and Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Central Union of municipalities of Greece. Also he was the president of the Morfovouni community (1995-98) and the elected President of the Council of fourteen villages Region of Plastira Lake for two consecutive terms.

He was Mayor (three terms) of the municipality of Plastira EC from its formation from 1999 to 2010. He was Chairman of the Center for Historical Studies and research “N. Plastiras ” in 1995-98 and President of the cultural center” Antonis Samarakis “. He was also elected member for three terms (1999-2010) of the Board of the local Union of municipalities and Communities of Karditsas.

In 2003 he was nationwide elected as the 3rd member of the Central Union of municipalities and Communities of Greece (K.E.D.K.E.). In 2007 he was nationwide elected again as the 2nd member of the Board of K.E.D.K.E and in the 2011 he was nationwide eclected as the 5th member of the Board of the Central Union of municipalities of Greece.

He served as:

  • Vice President of Finance Committee of K.E.D.K.E. (2007-2010).
  • Member of the National Committee for school sports and Olympic education, the Ministry of education (2005-2008).
  • Member of COPPEM (Standing Committee Euro-Mediterranean partnership of local and regional authorities).
  • Alternate member of the Supreme Council for university education (SAPE) of the Ministry of education.
  • Member of the Board of p. a. IM. I S.a. (Environmental Development Western Thessaly).
  • Member of the Committee of the Interior Ministry for State development aid (Mrs A.v.) in the country of Georgia.
  • Chairman of the sport Commission K.E.D.K. by a unanimous decision of all the parties during the critical period of the Olympic Games (2003-2006).
  • Member of the Committee for the Olympic truce and substitute member of the Regional Council of Thessaly (2003-2006).
  • He has also participated in many conferences, events and missions in Greece and abroad about government issues and especially Sport, Education and Finance Authorities issues, either as rapporteur or as an observer.

Dimitris Tsiantis is the resident of Morfovouni Karditsas.

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