Educational Forest of Belokomitis

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The educational forest of Belokomitis is a section of the state-owned forest complex of Agrafa. It covers an area of 1.4 acres. The forest flora is primarily arboreal, with a variety of other species (elders, horse-chestnuts, wild cherry trees, lime trees). The fauna consists mainly of bird species, and it is exceptionally varied. Some of the characteristic species are finches, coal tits, red robins, goldcrests, goldfinches, magpies, etc. Important and notable species, due to their rarity, are the little egrets, griffon vultures, peregrine falcons and golden eagles. In the region there is also a great variety of invertebrates, whereas the principal vertebrates are carnivorous mammals, typically foxes, wolves, and bears.

Here there are 15km of special hiking routes for observation of the natural environment. In the forest there are also six paths, one of which leads to the Observatory that offers a stunning view. The forest’s natural ecosystem is record via the “NATURA 2000” network, thus creating a valuable resource for educational institutions and for nature lovers.

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