Mesenikolas House of Wine and Vine

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The House of Wine and Vine is located in Mesenicolas village of the Municipality of Plastiras Lake. It housed in a municipal building, which was partly constructed and partly renovated recently. The building operates at three levels (basement, ground floor and first floor) and has a total area of ​​about 280 sq.m. It has maintained the traditional view of the buildings in the area.

In the museum there are exhibits on wine and village life. Examples include the following:

  • Tools viticulture
  • Various tools wine (wine presses, wine bags transport etc.)
  • Instruments for measuring quality characteristics of wines
  • Soil sections of vineyards area of Mesenikola
  • Local traditional costumes
  • Books about wine

On the first floor of the building visitors can find the tasting room, where wine competitions are held. On the ground floor there is a projection room where a DVD video about viticulture, wine production and the general characteristics of the region is procected, while in the basement there is a cellar for storing wine products.

The Vine and Wine Museum can be visited by arrangement with the appropriate municipality Plastiras Lake.

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