Trinity of Morfovouni

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The monastery of Agia Triada [Holy Trinity] is located 1km before the village of Morfovouni, at an elevation of 600m. It was built in 1858, as indicated at the monastery’s entrance. In 1943, it was burned down by Italian occupation forces; only the church was spared from the disaster.

The monastery of Agia Triada is a magnificent architectural monument. The church is built in the Mount Athos style, as are most of the monasteries in the region. At the monastery’s entryway, there are stone-carved bas-reliefs. In recent years, extensive restorations have been performed at the monastery.

The monastery celebrates on the Monday of Pentecost. During the feast of the Holy Spirit, the annual gathering of people whose origins are from Morfovouni takes place in the monastery’s courtyard, where meat with meal and wine are offered to guests after the liturgy.

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