Events of L.C. Plastira

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  • “Rogatsaria”: On January 5th of every year, the villagers revive the custom.
  • The burning of the “afanos”: this custom takes place on the evening of the Resurrection [Holy Saturday].
  • The “Double Dance”: On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the double (Easter) dance takes place in the village square.
  • “Signa”: A religious custom that takes place on the Monday after Easter, after the liturgy.
  • “Plastiria”: The “Plastiria” is held every year in the first half of August in Morfovouni, in honor of Nikolaos Plastiras, with cultural and sporting events and a traditional feast. There are several different activities, including cycling, fishing, musical tributes, theater performances, etc.
  • Annual Gathering: Every year, on the day of the Holy Spirit (the Monday of the Pentecost), in the monastery of the Holy Trinity, takes place the annual gathering of people whose origins are from Morfovouni.
  • The transfer of the holy icon of the Virgin Mary of Korona: On August 15th, the procession starts from the village of Mesenikolas and ends at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin in Morfovouni, where the icon stays for two weeks.


  • The “Rokantzaria” is a custom with ancient pagan roots that takes place every year on the eve of the Epiphany and symbolizes the expulsion of evil spirits.
  • The “Anafanos” is a custom associated with the Resurrection liturgy on Holy Saturday night.
  • On the last Sunday in July, the holy icon of the Virgin Mary Koroniotissa is transported on foot, with a large procession of the faithful, from the monastery of Korona to the village. The icon remains in Mesenikolas until August 15th, the Assumption of the Virgin, and is then transported to Morfovouni.
  • The Mesenikolas Wine Festival, where the famous local wine is distributed freely, began in the 1960s and continues to be held to this day on August 15th of each year, along with the feast of the Church of the Assumption in the village. It is held in a beautiful setting at the Kastanies site, a few hundred meters outside the village. The Wine Festival includes an interesting program of cultural events.

In the days before and after August 15th, various events take place, such as:

  • Sports events for children and youths including football, tennis, basketball, etc., an exhibition of old photographs, and the Tour of Kriorema.
  • On September 4th and 5th each year, the “Pazaraki” [small bazaar] takes place in the village square. Vendors set up stalls selling linens, toys, clothing, etc., while in the evening there is a feast with local musicians and wine.


  • Rogatsaria: It takes place on the eve of the Epiphany (January 5th).
  • Koulouma: It is organized on Shrive Monday.
  • Culture week: held in mid-August, it includes concerts by distinguished artists.
  • Traditional Village Fair: August 21st – 23rd.


  • Feast of Saint Triphon: February 1st.
  • Feast of Prophet Elias: July 20th.
  • Annual Gathering: The first Saturday of August marks the annual gathering of people whose origins are from Blasdina.

Agios Athanasios, Lambero

  • Traditional Fair: August 15th.
  • Religious event: On May 2nd, in memory of Saint Athanasios at the local church. After the liturgy, meat and meal is offered to the congregation.
  • Crossing of Lake Plastira: It takes place in the first half of August. It is organized by the local Cultural Association with the support of the Municipality of Plastiras Lake, and ends at Lampero Beach.
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