Municipality of Plastiras Lake as founding member of the “Chosen Greek Tastes” Network

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On November 23 and 24, in the building of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, in a city that in those days resembled a fortress, in Brussels, the founding act was signed, the statutes of the civil non-profit company entitled “Tastes of Greek Eclectics”.

Despite the curfews, due to the fear of terrorist attacks, the self-government was present in a serious, collective and studied effort to highlight the nutritional wealth of our country.

With the presence of several mayors and deputy mayors, as well as representatives of development companies in the building of the Committee of Regions, the event was opened by the President of KEDE Mr. Georgios Patoulis (the Network has been placed under the auspices of KEDE), while suggestions and presentations were made by the Secretary General of Agricultural Policy & Management of Community Resources Mr. Charalambos Kasimis and by the Deputy Director of DGAgri Mr. Mihail Dumitru.

The event was designed and implemented by the Development Agency of Trikala AAE OTA (KENAKAP SA), in collaboration with the DevelopmentAl Parnonas SA OTA, which is also the coordinator of the Plan.

It is particularly important that towards the end of the event, the official ceremony of the establishment of the “Network of Municipalities of Fine Greek Flavors” took place, with its founding members 55 Municipalities of the country, 21 Development companies as well as University and Research Institutions and Collective Private Bodies representing in this way, the largest possible geographical area of Greece, and highlighting the fine Greek flavors.

Despite the difficult conditions and the state of alert in the city of Brussels and despite the expectedly reduced participation, the statutes of the Network were signed in a festive atmosphere by the attendees, the “Brussels team”, namely the Municipalities of Lake Plastira, Argithea, North Kynouria, Deskati, Kavala, Kalambaka, Karditsa, Mouzaki, Pyli, Sofades, Trikala and Farkadona, the Development Companies of Imathia, Karditsa, Lemnos, Parnonas, Pelion and Trikala and the Agricultural University of Athens.

The Municipality of Plastiras Lake, as a founding member, was represented by the Deputy Mayor of Culture – Tourism George Gogoulos who during the above event signed in a special ceremony held in the building of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union of the Belgian capital, the statutes of the Network.

In terms of the event, meetings and contacts were held with representatives of the Institutions of the European Union (DGAgri, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee, European Agricultural Network, etc.) with the aim of highlighting and promoting the Greek fine flavors and food products of each region in rural networks abroad.

The Plan, which is part of the LEADER Program, is under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and concerns the promotion of gastronomic tradition and flavors, created with recognized, certified (Protected Designation of Origin PDO, Protected Geographical Indication PGI) and fine products from each region of Greece.

The establishment of the Network is foreseen in the framework of the implementation of action 3.2: “Establishment of a Network / legal entity”, of Action 3: (“Network “Flavors of Greek Elites”) of the Interlocal Cooperation Plan “Flavors of Greek Elites” (OPSAA 181575) and is funded under Measure 421 “Interlocal and Transnational cooperation”, of the Local Program of approach LEADER Axis 4 RDP 2007-2013.

The beneficiaries of the Scheme will be the producers and processors of Quality Greek products, the professionals of catering and tourism, the Greek countryside and the economy of the country in general. The wealth of Greek land and the labor of Greek farmers must become an income for the Greek economy in the difficult economic situation, Greek products must find their place in the European and international market.

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 in Athens, in the meeting room of the Special Secretariat for Community Resources and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and in a very positive atmosphere, and in the presence of the Secretary General of Agricultural Policy and Management of Community Funds, Mr. Charalambos Kasimis, an event was held “Presentation of the results of the Plan in which the signing process was completed by the other founding members of the Network.

The main objectives of the Network

The promotion and promotion of the gastronomic tradition of Greece, with flavors, delicacies and products that have quality, reputation and direct connection with the production area, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the agricultural economy and tourism.

Creation of a “Network of fine Greek flavors”, incorporating at least one characteristic product from each region, covering geographically as much of the country as possible.

The integration into modern Greek cuisine of the most exquisite Greek products, PDO, PGI and selected, with the creation of the most exquisite and characteristic flavors.

Design of immediate implementation actions, which will be implemented and funded by the Interlocal Cooperation Plan and next phase actions, which can be implemented by the Network of flavors.

The networking of bodies and businesses related to the production of fine products, gastronomy and tourism as cooperating bodies of the Network, for the collective implementation of actions.

The investigation of the possibility of operating the Network as a National Quality Pact with actions to create a brand name “Fine Greek Taste” (or Product), create specifications, give a Mark of Fine Greek Taste (or Product), through product control and certification procedures.

The purpose

The purpose of the Network will be public benefit and developmental with tourist and cultural nuances and will focus its activity on all areas of intervention of its Members.

The participants

The founding members of the Network are:

Development Companies of Greece (21): Achaia Development, Developmental Of Northern Peloponnese, Developmental Grevena, DevelopmentAl West. Macedonia, Developmental Imathia, Developmental Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Developmental Kavala, Developmental Karditsa, Developmental Kastoria, Developmental Prefecture of Larissa, Developmental Limnos, Developmental Messinia, Development Parvova (coordinator), Pella Development Company, Pelion Development Company, Pieriki Development, Serres Development Agency, Developmental Trikalon, Fthiotiki Developmental, Developmental Fokiki, Developmental Chalkidiki.

Municipalities (55): Agia, Aegialia, Alexandria, Almopia, Argithea, Argos Orestiko, Aristotelis, Veria, Voios, Volvi, North Kynouria, KPO Delta, Deskatis, Doridas, Edessa, Elassona, Epidaurus, Ermionida, Evrotas, Zagora-Mouresi, Kozani, Kavala, Kalavryta, Kalamata, Kalambaka, Karditsa, Kassandra, Kastoria, Lamiav, Larissa, Lake Plastira, Messini, Moemvasia, Mouzaki, Nafplion, Nea Propontida, Nemea, South Kynouria, Pella, Polygyros, Pydna Kolivdros, Pylaia-Chortiatis, Pyli, Pylos-Nestor, Serres, Sithonia, Sofades, Sparta, Tempi, Trikkaiov, Tripoli, Trifylia, Tyrnavos, Farkadonas, Farsala.

Institutions (3): Civil Non-Profit Company “Routes of the Olive Tree”, Technological Educational Institute-TEI West. Macedonia, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA).

The occasion and the initiative for the realization of the Plan

Since 2011, the Mediterranean Diet is a commodity included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. It took the initiative and the concerted efforts of four Mediterranean cities (Koroni-Greece, Chefchaouen-Morocco, Sorias-Spain, Cilento-Italy) to reach the final Declaration of Koroni, a protocol for the undertaking of joint actions for the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet throughout the planet.

The Mediterranean Diet is a dietary pattern that has remained constant over time and space. It consists mainly of olive oil, cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, which are accompanied by wine or infusions, with respect to the religious imperatives of each community. Parnonas Development Agency took the initiative to invite the country’s Development Companies to participate in the idea, designing and implementing the interlocal Plan “Flavors of Greek Elites”, within the framework of the local LEADER approach programs.

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