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Home Δημότης Municipality Karvasaras
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Karvasaras (Karavan-Serai), which in turkish means caravan station, is located west of the Agrafiotis river. During the Ottoman years there was a caravan station in the forest for rest and refueling. It is a mountainous village of the Municipality of Plastiras Lake and its population according to the 2011 census was 28 residents.

It is settled at an altitude of 1,120 meters on the slopes of Agrafon and within 55 km from Karditsa. Is one of the most mountainous settlements of Thessaly. The people are involved with farming and agriculture, and are served by the Health Center Karitsa. Nearly all buildings are built with stone and they are very interesting.

Karytsiotis river stems in part from the area of Karvasara, from the locations of Kaimakia and Mpouni. The natural landscape in general is beautiful and interesting. From the crest Lakos at 2.020 m you can observe the plain of Thessaly which lies in front of you. The village also is surrounded the fir forests Mpouni and Mafrolongos.

The Kaimakia cave is undiscovered is 5,5 km on the road that connects Vaenia and Petrilo. From it plenty of water stems and forms a small waterfall.

The feast of the Twelve Apostles is on 29th of June, but the village celebrates the feast on the last Sunday of July, because of the vacationers.

The villagers have their own association called Association of Karvasaras “The Holy Apostles” and is active in local issues.

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