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Home Δημότης Municipality Krioneri
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The Krioneri (Stuga) is famous for its fertile lands, its dense vegetation, its many waters and fresh vegetables. The houses are hidden behind dense vegetation.

The previous name of the village was Stougo (a Turkish word).

It belongs to the Municapality of Plastiras Lake and it is about 26 km away from Karditsa. It is also built at an altitude of 835 m.

The residents of Krioneri are 350 people during the winter but during the summer this number increases to 1000 people. They derive their income from agriculture, livestock and forestry.

At the spot of the old Byzantine monastery in the forest the church of St. George was built. The temple of the Presentation of the Virgin is in the village. The church of St. Nicolas is at the entrance of Kryoneri. There the chancel of the old church of the Assumption which no longer exists has been placed.

There are many waters in the area, and dense vegetation that characterizes the landscape. The ” Valtorema ” and ” Kryoneritiko” that are 5 km long rivers flow in the village. You can reach at the springs and the taps “Kria vrisi”, “Klouvio nero”, “Kerasoula”, “Itia”, “Gidomantria” and “Kastanoula” through dirt roads and trails. The forest of Kryoneri consists of firs, oaks, chestnuts and cedars. The top “Tsougras” that is at an altitude of 1600 m, was a refuge for the rebels during the Civil War. Other places with unique view is the position “Alonia”, “Rahi” near the lake and the “St.George” with the homonymous church that is built in the forest.

On the 20th of July (the day of Profet Elijah), the traditional feast takes place at the square of the village that begins at the Eve of the Festival and it is organized by the Krioneri Association of Karditsa.

Very interesting are the wedding and Easter customs that are held at Kryoneri. The Easter dances begin on the Sunday of the Easter at the central square and last for three days. The event of “Signa”, in which there is a procession of images by children and adults, takes place at Easter and it consists a very interesting event for the visitors and for the natives.

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