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Home Δημότης Municipality Lampero
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It has a distance from Karditsa of about 25km and it is built at an altitude of 745 meters. According to the census of 2011, the village has 559 inhabitants.

The residents of the village derive their income from farming, beekeeping and tourism. There is interesting information about the village and its traditions in the book by Christos Minou that is titled “Lampero”. It is published by the Educational and Cultural Association of the people who come from Lampero. The old name of the village was Titai. A reference to Mega Titai is found at the

Fall of the Franks, where is said to be the largest village of Agrafa that time. It is the birthplace of Captain Agrafiotis, who led to the revolution of 1821. From the peaks Koukouriakos, Messiati, Tumbes and Zerveika, the view of the lake and the plain of Thessaly is beautiful.

The village of Agios Athanasios is located 2 Km northwest of the village on the eastern road that goes around the lake. It is a growing tourist village with a modern hotel, rooms to rent, taverns and restaurants. At this area the district of Lampero is going to be transferred, due to the landslides in the position where it is today.


The village celebrates the Assumption. A religious event that is organized on the 2nd of May in the village of St. Athanasios. On this day the memory of St. Athanasius is honored at the homonymous church. After the Divine Liturgy and the standard artoklasia , meat with bulgur is offered to the attendants.

In the first half of August, the cultural Association with the help of the Municipality organizes the crossing of L. Plastiras that results in the Beach of Lampero.

The beach of Lambero

The beach is located a few kilometers from Tsardaki and 5 kilometers from Lampero. It is one of the first tourist infrastructure that created in the early 1990s and it formed the basis for the tourism development of the whole eastern side of the Lake. Today is a famous destination for thousands of visitors. At the ​​Beach there are two great restaurants – bars that serve hundreds of visitors throughout the year. There are also kiosks that sell souvenirs and local products from the Women’s Cooperative of the Lake.

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