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The Protection Policy is a single legal text that governs all use of personal data of the Municipality of Limni Plastira, all information systems and procedures related to the processing of personal data.

Its style and content are legal, completely clear so that there are no difficulties in understanding and applying it, it is free from specialized technical terms and references, which may make its application difficult and depend on specific technological options. The security policy, in addition to its regular revisions, may be modified in cases where significant changes occur in at least one of the following: a) in the organizational structure of the controller, b) in the information systems, c) in the security requirements, d) in the technological developments, e) in the type and/or processing of personal data. The content of the security policy may also be changed following an internal or external audit, which demonstrates insufficient and/or ineffective security measures, or following a security breach incident.

Despite the clear style and content, the security policy is generalizable, in the sense that its application to future systems that may be integrated into the municipality’s information system is possible without requiring major modifications in short periods of time.

Finally, the security policy has a public nature and is binding for all staff who handle personal data in any way and is in accordance with the relevant current legislation.

The purpose of this document is to define the obligations and policy of the Municipality of Limni Plastira to protect the privacy of the subjects and to establish appropriate measures to avoid the leakage of personal data.

The Municipality Administration is committed to fulfilling the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and recognizes the protection of personal data as its priority. Finally, the aim of this document is to ensure the processing environment and to create a working culture and awareness regarding the safe use of personal data, and for this purpose every necessary resource is available.


The policy concerns the processing of personal data, in physical and digital form, collected by any means by the Municipality in order to serve its legitimate interests.

Responsible for compliance with this policy are the administration of the Municipality and the Processors under the supervision of the Data Protection Officer.

The Municipality ensures compliance with the fundamental principles of the Personal Data Protection Regulation both in the processing currently carried out and in the context of the introduction of new processing methods, such as new information systems.

Specifically, the processing principles with which compliance is ensured are the following:

– Legality, objectivity and transparency

– Limitation of purpose

– Minimize data

– Accuracy

– Limiting the storage period

– Integrity and confidentiality

– Accountability


The rights of data subjects are supported by appropriate procedures that allow the required actions to be taken within the time limits set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.

The rights of the subjects are the following:

The right to information
The right of access
The right to rectification
The “right to be forgotten”
The right to restriction of processing
The right to portability
The right to object
The right to object in cases of profiling
In order to exercise your above rights, you can submit your request to the Protocols of the Municipality or to the email address as well as submit, in case you consider that the processing of your personal data violates the applicable law for the protection of of personal data, complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (postal address Kifisias 1-3, PO Box 115 23, Athens, tel. 210. 6475600, email address

It is the primary compliance duty of the Municipality to determine the appropriate legal basis for each processing (of sensitive data and not) and to document it by invoking the appropriate Articles (6 & 9), in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation. The legal basis and other characteristics of each processing are indicated in the Activity Files of the Processor and Processors.

The Municipality adopts the principle of data protection by design

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