Morfovouni Center for Historical Studies

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The “Nikolaos Plastiras” Center for Historical Studies was established in 1994, to honor and preserve the memory of the legendary “Black Rider”. The Center manages historical resources pertaining to local and national history. It belongs to the Municipality of Lake Plastira and is housed in a two-storey building at Morfovouni.

The Center houses a permanent exhibition of photographs from the life and work of Nikolaos Plastiras, as well as a collection of documents, newspaper clippings, photographs and personal items. These include hundreds of pre-war articles beginning in 1922, newspapers from the December 1944 events with articles on Nikolaos Plastiras, his message as Prime Minister in 1951, and many front pages and campaign speeches of the same era. Also of interest are 45 cartoon strips from the period between 1949 and 1950, which vividly render the climate of the era.

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