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“The Charter of Citizen’s Rights and Obligations was issued by the Municipality of Plastiras Lake in 2012 and is subjected to constant updates and improvements for the better information and service of the citizens.” City Council decision No. 73/2011.

What is the Charter and when it is useful?

The Charter is a practical guide and advisor on the citizen’s trade with the Municipality. For the municipal authority, is a package and a commitment to you for the enhancement of quality of various services.

With the Charter

  • The frame of our Municipality’s obligations towards its citizens is formed more clearly.
  • Your rights are posited so as not to look them up in scattered provisions.
  • The sense of responsibility of our employees in handling issues that concern you is gaining strength.

The principles governing the action of the Municipality

  • The Legality: The Municipality operates according to the current law, as recorded, mainly, in the Constitution of the country, in the code of municipalities and communities and in the program “Kallikratis”.
  • The Transparency: The citizen has access to the political and administrative operation of the municipality, in relation to the decisions and activities which consern him.
  • The Information: The Municipality ensures the timely and responsible information to the citizens and determines the information with documents and electronic or other means.
  • The Citizen’s participation and the consultation: The procedures to resolve problems or disputes are defined. The citizen is informed about how to appeal, the process, the deadline and the time that owes the institution to respond and give a solution, and how to be present at institutions and participation in decision-making concerning him.
  • The Friendliness: The behavior of the bodies of the Municipality is citizen-friendly. The citizen knows the employee who handles his case. The documents of the municipality are personalized to each citizen with the required personal tone. The citizen does not feel that his affairs are handled anonymously by remote and inaccessible instruments which do not have understanding to his problems.
  • The Impartiality: The services and the governing bodies of the Municipality act impartially and independently without influences which are unrelated to the public interest, which have been argued to serve.
  •  The uncorrected administration: The municipal authority ensures, with the specific procedures established, honorable and proper management of public money, provided that in each case the rules of grace and sincere implementation of laws.
  • Responding to citizens’ needs: The Municipality records and interfers in citizens’ specific needs, with the purpose of faster and more effective response to them.
  • The Effectiveness: The intervention in the problems concerning the citizen, is specific and direct, so as to achieve the desired result.

The administrative structure of the Municipality

Our Municipality came from the merge of the Municipalities of Plastiras and Nevropolis Agrafon, in accordance with the article 1 of law No. 3695/2010 (Program “Kallikratis”)*. In accordance with these provisions, the Municipality consists of 2 Municipal Sections, and 12 local communities.

More specifically, the municipality consists of:

  • municipal section of PLASTIRAS
    • The Local Communities of Kerasia, Lampero, Mesenikola, Morfovouni,Moschato
  • Municipal Section of NEBROPOLIS AGRAFA
    • Local Communities of Karbasara, Karitsa Dolopon, Krioneri, Mpelokomitis, Neochori, Pezoula, Filakti.

The Municipality services

The services of the Municipality of Plastiras Lake and all the other municipality entities (legal persons, Public municipal enterprise) which are supervised by the Municipality are located in the following buildings:

  • TOWN HALL: The Local Community of Morfovouni
    • HISTORICAL STUDIES CENTRE “Nikolaos Plastiras” local community of Morfovouni
    • HOUSE OF WINE AND VINE local community of Mesenikolas
    • SPIRITUAL AND CULTURAL CENTER “Antonis Samarakis” local community of Morfovouni
    • “epinoisis”, MUNICIPAL BENEFICIARY Plastiras Lake Municipality: local community Pezoulas

For more information you can visit the website: and contact us at Email:

The working hours of municipal services

For your transactions with our services, it is useful to know:

  • The working hours: The working hours of municipal services begin at 7:00 am and end at 3:00 pm all year round (winter-summer).
  • Public service hours: The public service takes place every working day from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm in all municipal services
  • Holidays/ semi-holidays: Before you start for a transaction with our services, make sure that it is not a holiday. If it is a semi-holiday, keep in mind that our services are closed 2-3 hours earlier.

Holidays in general (in the Pudlic)

  • The 1st January
  • The Epiphany (6th January)
  • The Clean Monday
  • The 25th March
  • The Good Friday
  • The Monday after Easter
  • The 1st May
  • The Holy Spirit (Pentecost Monday)
  • Of the assumption (15 August)
  • The 28th October
  • The 1st and the 2nd Christmas days (15 August)

We remind you that in our Municipality, as in all bodies of the public sector, it is applied the five-day working week (except Saturday and Sunday).


  • The Christmas Eve
  • The New Year’s Eve
  • The eve of Epiphany
  • Maundy & Thursday
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