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The obligations of the civil servants

When you apply a request to the municipality or in any public service, for an issue (providing information, case processing, licences, etc.), please be aware that all services are required:

  • To respond to your requests and to handle your matters within fifty (50) days. If your application has been appllied to an unauthorized service,it is obliged, to forward it to the appropriate service and notify you, within three (3) days. In this case, the deadline begins since it will be received from the appropriate authority (article 4 of law No. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′).
  • To grant licenses and certificates immediately or no later than ten (10) days (Article 4 of N.2690/1999 Gazette 45 A).
  • To have application forms and affirmations for your convenience, (article 3 paragraph 3 of law 2768/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′).
  • Τo help you in filling out the application. If you indicate an inability to write, the competent official, has to prepare himself to the request on your behalf, according to what you dictate (article 3 paragraph 3 of law 2768/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′).
  • To protocol all of the applications and to provide proof, in which it will be referenced the number of the application and the entry date into the service (article 12toy n. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45).
  • To accept the requests that you send by telecopier (fax) and to respond to requests for information which you submit by e-mail (article 14 of law No. 2672/1998, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 290).
  • To accept, if you are Greek citizen, any of the following documents to verify your identity information which indicated in the application (article 3 paragraph 4 of law No. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45 , as applicable):
    • identity card
    • a temporary certificate by the competent authority
    • passport
    • driver’s license and
    • personal health booklet of any insurance carrier.

Similar statement has to be applied when the elements of the identity card for marital status, home address or occupation have altered (article 3 paragraph 5 of law 2768/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45 I). For foreigners the elements of the identity in the case of citizens of Member States of the European Union are proved from the identity card or passport, whereas in the case of third-country nationals, by the passport or other document that allows entry into the country or another legitimizing of residency document authority (article 3 paragraph 4 of law No. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45 , as applicable). The identity of legal persons established in accordance with the provisions in force at their headquarters.

  • To certify the authenticity of the signature (article 11, par. 1 of law 2768/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′).
  • To authenticate photocopies of Greek administrative documents from the original or from certified true copy (article 11 of law No. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′)
  • Not to require the production of certificates or other documents, if these are not provided for in the provisions of laws or other normative acts of the Administration (art. 10 par. 2 of the law No. 3230/2004, FEK44 I).
  • To seek ex officio by the responsible authorities, for certain categories of certificates when they are required as supporting documentation for the processing of your case (article 5 of law No. 3242/2004, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 102 I and article 16 of law 3448/2006, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 57′).
  • To use the reconstitution of the folder that you have applied and has been lost (totaly or partly), because of the service, within thirty (30) days from the ascertainment of the loss (article 6 of law No. 3242/2004, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 102 1st and p. d/open 114/2005, GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 165 First).
  • To allow your access to administrative documents (e.g. the minutes and decisions of the Municipal Council, reports, studies) and if you have a special interest, in private documents that are kept in the service and concerns your own case.(article 5 of law No. 2690/1999, FEK45 I). Your right it is exercised with study of the documents in the store or service with granting of copies (unless the reproducion can damage the originals). the deadline for the issuance of documents or the reasoned rejection of the application (e.g. when the document refers to the private or family life third), is twenty (20) days.
  • To call you in a hearing, when it comes to take action or measure which is detrimental to your rights or legitimate interests. Only after being subpoenaed and expose your oponions writen or oral, then the service can proceed in taking adverse action, the necessity of which has to justify specifically (article 20 para. 2 of the Constitution and article 6 of law No. 2690/1999, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 45′).
  • To act impartially and to be independent from influences unrelated to the public interest, which have been argued to serve (article 7 of law No. 2690/1999 and article 36 of law No. 3528/2007, 26 GAZETTE Α’).
  • To establish public reception hours (reception hours for the public by the services of the municipality, see above).
  • To maintain a priority in citizens’ servicing and to serve directly people with disabilities, pregnant women, mothers with strollers, very elderly with mobility problems etc.
  • To provide all necessary information, clarification, advice or guidance that they are being asked by citizens regarding the handling of their cases,clearly, simply and understandable.

The citizen service centers (Law 3013/2002, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 102, as amended, and applicable)

Through the citizen service centers of our municipality, you can transact almost all of your dealings with public bodies (ministries, organizations, Municipalities, Regions, etc.), without tormented with many movements by having to visit the relevant State services. You simply fill out an application at C.S.C and the employees will undertake to carry out your case. For detailed information about the certified administrative procedures that can accommodate citizen service centres, you can visit the official website of C.S.C: or call the telephone line 1500 (see below), which operates on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week.

The C.S.C of our municipality

    address: Morfovouni. phone: 2441095312, Fax: 2441352212, 2441095360
    address: Pezoula. phone.: 52705 Photoshop, 2441352712, fax: 24410 92931
  • National portal for public administration «ERMIS» (

The Ermis national portal is the single public administration government portal for informing citizens and companies and for the safe handling of e-Government services. The gateway ermis aspires to be the “E-Store” of public administration, providing a central point of integrated information to citizens and businesses, about all their dealings with the Public, as well as for selected electronic trading services.

The telephone requests through the 1502 (article 22 of law No. 2539/1997, FEK244A’)

In parallel with the possibility of your directly service from the administrative authorities or by the Citizen, you have the right to request by telephone to the number 1502, the issuance and delivery of certain certificates, by registered letter to the address you have indicated. You can check out the full list of allocated certificates and certificates that have been included in the above service measure of citizens, to the email address of the General Secretariat for public management and Egovernment (Ministry of the Interior, decentralisation and e-governance):, in the thematic section “topics of interest/1502-Pistopoitika”.

Telephone requests through 1500

Via the telephone line 1500 that has been established to serve the citizen, you can:

  • Learn or request information and guidance on all aspects of public administration
  • Carry out specific certified procedures of C.S.S by phone which do not require justifications on your part or supporting documents that can be requested through administrative channels ex officio.

Internet applications

Also gives you the ability to submit a request for public licence through your personal computer.It is provided that you have a connection to the Internet or by Internet service provider stores (internet café), with your visit to the website of Citizen: With your application, you declare the C.S.C that you wish to carry out your request. Your update from C.S.C in order to receipt your certificate is done either by phone, or by sending a message (SMS).

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