Summer sports

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The Municipality of Lake Plastira organizes sports activities and competitions in all the Municipal Districts. The purpose of the events is for children and adult guests who are in the area in the summer months to participate in sports, exercise and be entertained.

For an entire month there is a range of sporting activities including football, basketball, volleyball, mountain biking, fishing, table tennis, swimming and forest hiking.

The Mayor, Mr. Dimitris Tsiandis, and his associates aim to achieve maximum participation in the events (last year, over 400 children and adults participated, while many more were spectators). It is no accident that many of our fellow countrymen plan their vacations to our mountainous municipality to coincide with the sporting events.

The sporting events have become an institution, similar to the crossing of Lake Plastira, which draws athletes from all around the country and promotes the lake and our municipality as a tourist destination. Our Municipal Authority organizes and executes an innovative summer sports event that is unique for the standards of local self-government, not just in our Prefecture but throughout Greece.

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